Ficlets Convention: Arrival

We all met in Indianapolis and were all staying at Caribbean Cove Indoor Water Park Holiday Inn North. Those of us with kids could let them play. Those of us who acted like kids could play, and the open bar in the restaurant would attract those who didn’t mess around.

It was dinner time the first day of the Ficlet Convention. Everyone had finally arrived! Long tables were arranged for large group discussions. After introductions fifty separate conversations began. Laughter rose and fell all around the room and it didn’t stop when the food was brought out.

Elsha looked around. .:band baby:. and her family were seated with Bartimeaus and his. Mask By The Moon and her boyfriend were chatting with OrangeOreos and One Time One Chance. Mighty-Joe, NotYou, ALRO , his wife, Chakratreatmentson, and Ana Christina, and her boyfriend, were exchanging favorite drink recipes. Elsha sat trying to listen, surrounded by her family, constantly wiping the little one’s hand and face, or telling the other to sit down and eat.

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