Ficlets Convention: Turns Sour

Elsha was pleased with herself. The room was filled with writers, and they all had smiles.

“Hey Elsh! Come over here!â€? Mighty-Joe couldn’t stand seeing her all alone. Her boys had finished eating anyway, so Elsha’s husband took them to play some more in the water before bed.

“Thanks for doing this!â€? Ana gushed, “I know it was a lot of work!â€?
“Yeah, you’re the bomb, Big Dawg!â€? Mighty threw in.
“It’s really awesome that we could all make it!â€? ALRO agreed.
“Yeah, I am so excited everybody could come!â€? Elsha beamed.

Punkin walked over. “I’ve got to take BoyFightingDinosaur for one last water slide before bed! See you tomorrow!â€?
“Night Punkin! Night Dinosaur Boy!â€? We chorused.

Elsha watched as .:band baby:. and Bart left quietly together. Soon ALRO had had enough drinks and was very tired after his flight in, so he left. Elsha’s husband came by to tell her he was taking the kids to bed.

“Oh, Elsh, don’t let us keep you!â€? Chakra said.
“Yeah, you must be tired, too!â€? NotYou smiled innocently.
Elsha stared.

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