Ficlets Convention: Unwanted

Elsha stared at Chakra, NotYou, and Mighty-Joe. Ana had migrated to the bar, and others were yawning and stretching as they slowly made their way to their rooms.

It wasn’t what Chakra had said, but the look in her eyes. Dumbfounded, Elsha sat uncomfortably long like a deer in the headlights as she realized she was a third wheel. She simply stood and turned around and walked out.

Mighty_Joe stared at her retreating pixie form and saw her wipe her eyes. “Chak. She’s crying!â€? He stood up to follow her. “Wait!â€? he screamed. Elsha kept going.

Mighty caught up with her in the lobby, Chakra and NotYou close behind. “Elsha! Stop! She didn’t mean it like that!â€?

Elsha stopped. She looked up at Mighty who had placed himself in front of her.

“It’s okay, Peter Pan. I’m ready to grow up now.â€?

It was Mighty’s turn to be dumbfounded.
“Whatever.â€? Chakra said.
“Night.â€? NotYou sullenly offered.

Elsha found her husband struggling to get the boys to sleep. She switched into Mom mode and got them calmed down. Then she cried

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