Managing I 1/2

She shook her head, not willing to answer.

She knew what was coming.

“Lillian, when I gave you this job one week ago, do you know how many applications flooded my office?”

This was it. She knew it was over now. The boss had brought up the applications.

“Almost 100, Lillian. One hundred people wanted this job that you have now.”

Why couldn’t she have just skipped the party last night? She knew she had to get up early!

“If it hadn’t been for you, I would have had a very difficult choice to make. Luckily, you came in with the requirements, charisma, effort.”

Lillian smiled sadly, gazing at the empty office.

“And I don’t want to go through all those applications again to pick second place. Don’t make me do that, Lillian. I’m giving you one last shot. If you’re late for the sixth time in a row, I’m afraid those applications will have to be dusted off.”

Lillian’s head shot up. A nervous gaggle of giggles shot out of her mouth, as she thanked her boss. He just smiled, and motioned to her desk.

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