Pissed off in a Pit

An angry muttering is just discernible in the stygian depths. ”...dare he use the trap door on me . I built him the damn thing….looks like Dr. Evil anyway with his pale Belgian ass…I don’t need this bullshit! I could be Alpha of my own pack!...stupid ass wanna be Monty Burns mother-”

A scrape and clang, from a grating being displaced and dropping to the stone floor below, rings like a bell in the pitched darkness.The sudden star bright glare of a flare being lit illuminates the confines of the pit giving the wolf nowhere to hide, and bringing into view a startling sight. What appears to be a three hundred pound(ish) Emma Peel suddenly drops to the floor from the large ventilation grating. She is followed by several other Emma Peels who vary in femininity and size, but not costume.

“We ain’t gonna have no problems this time, huh Wolfy?” Simone asks with a lift of her penciled brow.

“No ma’am,” the wolf replies with a visible gleam in his eye,” and may I say that’s a lovely cat suit you’re wearing…”

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