Dawson, Georga(Doc15)

Kate pouted, but returned the Derringer to Archie. At that moment there was a sharp rap on the door. Archie stuffed the pistol into his waist band, as Kate slammed the case closed and snapped it.

Archie answered the knock. It was the conductor telling them that there would be a delay of a few hours at Dawson, due to a lightening storm that had knocked down one or more trees across the tracks. He said they would be allowed to leave the train, but to stay within the sound of the whistle.

Within minutes, after the conductor departed, they felt the train start to slow. Kate rushed to the WC to apply make-up. She always tried to look her best when there were young men around. Archie sat, trying to decide what to do with Doc’s guns. The case was too heavy to carry around, but he didn’t dare leave the guns in the compartment. In the end he left the top tray with the actual instruments in the compartment and took the guns with him.

Kate and Archie make a charming couple as they stepped from the train.

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