Mummy and a Frankenstein walk into a bar

The mummy and the Frankenstein creature make their shuffling way into the likeliest hangout for drag queens, tramps, and thieves to get some information. It’s the French Quarter so their appearance garners only a few glances and smiles.
“Wow! Great costumes boys! “The bartender is young, hot,and enthusiastic, a terrifying combo.”Most guys dress sexy for Southern Decadance, but those costumes are real original. I could hot up that mummy for you, just peel away some of the middle…”

The five thousand year hold mummy had forgotten just how delightful a catamite’s attentions could be. Fancy him getting his head turned at his age! A few mangled syllables from his companion bring him back to focus. “No ,thank you just the same. We seek a large transexual, a thief, and a junkie that bathes in cologne. They often work together.You see,”the mummy whispers,”We are on a mission from our dark lord.”

“That is sooo cute!” The bartender squeals. In a flat odd accent he repeats,”We’reonamissionfromGod. I love that movie!”

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