Attack on the Fortress

The army was making confusing movements from the top of the fortress and along makeshift scaffolding they were building and dismantling simultaneously.

“They’re dousing the walls!” Perceval almost laughed at their efforts. “They have never felt the heat of dragon fire.”

Both armies formed ranks 50 yards apart, in perfect range for archers. Bluetooth released his calvary at the same time as his arrows in a bold move.

The armies charged. Kira sat mounted tightly lashed to a saddle on Marduke’s back. His sword flashed and slashed through the sea of cavalry soldiers rushing and falling back as Marduke dove in and out of the ranks. She rose then, and dodged countless arrows on her way to the wooden fortress.

Burning balls of tar were catapaulted at them from the fortress, but were much slower than arrows and easier to dodge. Marduke chuckled at their efforts and blew long streams of flames on the walls. Even though they had doused the walls with water all day, steam and light they did!

Kira cheered.

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