Susan's Spirit Guide

“Do you know why I’m here?” she asked.

Her question stunned me. I’d never even asked myself that question. I glanced at her. “Tell me. Why are you here?”

She said, “I’m your spirit guide. You called me here.”

“I never called for an angel.”

“I’m not an angel. There’s a difference,” she said.

“Why didn’t that cop see you? In fact, why didn’t anyone at the party see you?”

“Only you can see me. I’m here solely for you,” she said.

“Okay. Now, why?”

“Sunday night you thought of killing yourself. That’s when I was sent to you. There are important things you need to do during your lifetime.”

I said, “I was just upset with Billy. I put the razor down.”

“No, Susan, you didn’t. I put the razor down.”

“You’re driving me nuts! Please leave me alone. I’m fine, I promise I won’t kill myself. Please.”

“I’ll leave when it’s time, and now is not the time.”

I looked hard at her for the first time. “You look like Mellissa, my friend that died.”

She smiled. “Do I?”

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