Rialto Saloon(Doc16)

The train platform was bustling with passengers milling around. Archie, looking dapper in his black suit, and Kate in her long pink dress with a parasol walked through the depot and into the street of Dawson, Georga.
They were somewhat dissapointed at the size of the town. The main street was only two blocks long. They walked up one side and down the other in a matter of minutes. “Kate,” Archie said, “why don’t you get yourself a soda, and I’ll have a beer over there at the Rialto Saloon.”
Kate slipped her arm into his and said, “Oh no you don’t. You’re not leaving me alone, in this town of one toothed men.”
Archie laughed. “All right, come on, but you’d better behave yourself.”
Kate squeezed his arm. “I’ll pretend I’m your girlfriend . That should keep the old geezers away.”

The saloon was crowded with locals and train passengers. They wedged themselves between two locals at a counter than ran the circumference of the room. “Excuse me,” Archie offered, when he hit a man’s leg with Doc’s case.

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