Archie loses the case(Doc17)

The man swung around, ready to fight, and grabbed the case from Archie’s hand. Archie lunged for the case, but the big guy held it away from him like a game of keep-away.
Archie said, “Give me that back!”
The man looked at the case, and read the brass inscription. Then to Archie, “You are Doctor J.H. Holliday?”
Archie glanced at Kate, then swallowing hard, said, “Yes I am, sir. Now will you please return my dentist tools.”
“Sure doc, I’m sorry about that, can I buy you and your lady friend a drink?”
Archie breathed a sigh of relief with the gun case back in his hands. “Yes, than would be fine of you.”
The man turned to the barkeep, “Three whiskeys over here.”
Kate had never drank anything stronger than a Mint Julip, and Archie wasn’t much of a drinker either. They accepted the whiskeys. Kate’s eyes watered as she sipped the whiskey, and Archie, after a quick toast with their new friend, shot his back. Smiling weakly at Kate he ordered them another round.
Kate, alarmed where this was heading, tugged

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