The Cabin

They snuggled together, lazily entwined as they enjoyed the sunlight filtering through the towering trees. They chatted aimlessly now and then, but mostly they lay in companionable silence just listening to the nearby burbling stream and birds warbling above.

It was the best day of their first trip together. There was a powerful connection between them that had drawn them together from across the world. They spent months together in the sterile world of cyberspace, each minute spent chatting, getting to know each other, bringing them closer despite the thousands of miles that separated them.

When he proposed the trip to this very special cabin to meet for the first time, she was nervous. Her heart and her mind felt much safer if they stayed in a virtual world. Her wild and carefree side, long buried under layers of pain and heartache, whispered to her to take a chance, because to be loved and to love someone is the best feeling in the world.

After a day like this one, she was glad she had listened.

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