Waking Up to Perfection

He walks into her room and silently sits down on the edge of her bed. He gazes down at her, his green eyes full of pure affection. He sits there for a few minutes and just watches her. She is laying there on her back, a pink plush bunny clutched to her chest.

Gently he moves her hair off her face. He calls her name in just a whisper, wanting desperately to wake her up but not being able to bring himself to disturb her angelic peace.

Ever so slowly, he bends down to touch his lips to hers. This made her stir. She moans quietly and stretchses, fighting the awakness that is washing over her.

She opens her eyes groggily, and smiles slightly before she yawns.

“Good morning, angel.” He breaths, a smile on his face and in his eyes.

“Morning.” She mumbles back, still half asleep. She rubs her eyes and props herself up on her elbow. Catching his gaze on her bunny, she blushes. No one was suppose to know about that. He laughs when he sees her embarassment, and kisses her again causing her smile to grow.

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