Solomon's Curse (Part three of The maybe five part miniseries)

“I have kicked shadows and chased windmills since I first took the love of the king Solomon. He returned from battle to find his lover nowhere to be found, so he requested an audience with the Queen of the Djinn: the Morning Star. She had in the time before men breathed air and rain came from clouds, invented riddles. She would often say, when her beloved said, “if they eat from the fruit of that tree they will be like we are”, she was one of the we’s. She believed there was no riddle she could not solve, because she was after all, the one who had invented the riddle itself. The wise king told her that he had a riddle she could not solve. She replied, “hold your tongue blasphemer unless you would bet your life on it.” He answered,”I will.” Now keep in mind he was not yet the Solomon you know, he was not the heir to the throne, he was the ninth son. The son of a concubine, cursed by the lust of an adulterous mother to watch his brothers rule. He had not yet, raised an army of the Djinn.

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