Soloman's Curse (part four of the five part miniseries)

King Soloman told the morning star, “What do I get if I win”? The beautful delicate lips of the morning Star replied, “Anything you desire.”
He replied “I ran till my blood burned like Apollo’s tears, and my heart pounded like drums of war, but it was not where I had left it. Why would I leave the most valuable thing I have ever known, with a perfect stranger? What did I leave?” The Djinn returned in three days with a caravan of gold. The streets of Damascus were filled with horses, burrows, and camels packing riches . The morning star, who was dressed in the traditional black burka of the Bedouin, walked into the house of the future king. She returned to the caravan, and waived them back to wherever they had come from. He didn’t want any gold any reward he only wanted the power to command any djinn as their lord and master for the rest of his natural life.

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