Soloman's Curse(Part five of the five part miniseries)

His heart was the answer to the riddle, and the beautiful, soft, manicured hand of the morning star was the hand that painted my face with this curse. Is that what you want? Do you want to fall madly in love me with me and be loved in return? Do you want to feel passion like you have never felt, that will consume you to the depths of your soul. Do you want to be loved and worshipped like a queen, only to have the object of your desires ripped from your fingertips; leaving you hollow and empty forever longing to get back to that warm paradise, where love was the only currency. The only fortune for which you would gamble your soul, to get more of it?”
The girl replied to the tattooed teenager, “Sorry I was just making small talk. I am engaged to be married.”

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