Ficleteer's fate is in your hands

“What happened, what happened, Marina, do something,” Ziggy moaned.
“I have no idea, these ‘net things have a mind of their own,” Marina said as she slowly put her stuff in her bag for the travel to the office.
“You mean you’ll leave me here like this?” Ziggy begged, sweat droplets forming on her forehead.
“I mean I don’t know what’s you mean,” Marina said keying in her password for her cell phone to switch on.
“Can’t you just call customer support, find out when service will be back on, anything, please?” Ziggy groaned.
Marina paused for a moment professing to be giving all this some serious thought.
“You know what?” Marina offered.
“What? What?” Ziggy, hope building up in her voice, said.
“You write your sequel in plain form on the word processor and I’ll see what I can do when I reach the office to have service restored.”
“O, thanks, thanks a million,” Ziggy exhaled, turning to the laptop, her fingers itching.
Well, dear, service ain’t coming back until much later, and this will help you build character.

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