Red ribbon is a clue

Tom was quiet until I finished. Then, “Why do you think this Masada Morgan knows anything about it?” he asked.
I stammered. i couldn’t very well tell him about the red ribbon on the tombstone “They were close friends is all and I can’t locate Masada.”
“If I were you, a person of interest I wouldn’t be asking the police about Masada, but I’ll look into it and see if i can find anything,” Tom said.
“Thank you, Tom.”
“I’ll get back to you.”
I closed my cell phone. Now what, I thought. Guess I just wait for Tom’s call. I pulled out the bottom drawer of my desk and swiveled my chair around until I could use the drawer as a foot rest. I was facing the cradenza, when my eyes landed on the guest book from the funeral. Idly I turned it’s pages, until, on page three there was a page marker. A red ribbon I scanned the names of the guests on this page. Second up from the bottom a name jumped out at me.
Carl Hausledder.
Marlene’s dad.
Supposedly, he’d left the family years ago. Does this mean anything?

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