You don't see that everyday(dino boy challenge)

The Orient Express made it’s rythmic way across the Russian Steppe just as it had so many times in the past. This trip was somewhat different. Blackula , the Swamp Thing, and E.T. the extraterrestrial were all having high tea in a luxuriously appointed car on the train. All of a sudden Blackula’s attention was torn from his jam covered scone by something sighted out the window.

“That’s something you don’t see every day,” the vampire said to his companions.

Out on the grassy plains amid the various sheep and other grazing animals,was what appeared to be a dinosaur having a laser fight with a monster truck .

The Swamp Thing gurgled in a puzzled and amused fashion. “One certainly doesn’t see that often,”his gurgle seemed to say.

"E.T. nonplussed..." the little alien offered to the room at large.

“Definitely wouldn’t’ve happened before perestroika,”the vampire mused.”More cucumber sandwiches?”

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