In love with a security guard

He raise his arm in the dim light. His watch read 3:55. He hated to wake her, but she had to be back on shift in five minutes. He kissed her eyelids, and she moaned softly. He whispered into her ear, “Annie, it’s time.”
She reached for his manhood, but he moved away. “Honey, we don’t have time,” he said “your shift starts in less than five minutes.
She opened her eyes, the most beautiful blue I’d ever seen. “What time is it?” she asked sleepily.
“It’s three minutes til four,” he said.
She sat up. The bubble wrap we were lying on protested. The pops were muffled beneath two firemens coats we had borrowed from the firetruck downstairs.
He watched while she dressed. Panties, then bra, then the light blue uniform shirt, then dark blue uniform skirt. She ran her hands though her short hair. The light from the halogen bulb refracted off her security badge.
She took his face between her hands, kissed him hard on the mouth, and said, “I love you.”
He whispered, “I love you too.”

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