Mistress Elsha Lays it Bare.

“Hey’d ya hear sometin?”
“The wind blows constantly of course i didn’t hear nuttin.”
“I know you heard that!”
“Let’s go check it out.”
This was serious James Bond-Mission impossible type stuff. Mistress Elsha Hawk parachuted in from a C130 , and used every iota of her cat-like ninja reflexes, to land on a tile roof. The Bachelor/spy John Perkins had the entire area covered with surface to air missile. She had done the high altitude Jump and then bungeed from the chute letting the high winds take it away unnoticed. The spy cracked the safe and read the code word, Basement. Elsha heard the approaching guards and knew she was about to die.
“Lock and load if anything moves unload.” Said the former navy seal to his ex seal teammates.
The men stormed in the door to see a the completely nude, goddess standing on the balcony smoking a cigar.
As they ran out thinking she must have been Perkin’s one night stand, the deadly diva did a back flip from the balcony into the sea, and swam to the extraction point.

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