Only The Beginning

I remember seeing you passed out on the floor,
just days after you promised you were better.
I cried through the night,
feeling betrayed,unloved,and confused.
You came home from the hospital,
still on sedatives from the detox,
and disappeared into your room.
I didn’t understand;
what had I done wrong?
Was I not good enough for my own father?
I was nervous and scared.
Stumbling towards me,
you began to speak,
but I wasn’t listening.
I smelled it on your breath,
and with a pang in my stomach,
I remembered the pills you’d been given.
Mixed with alcohol,
what would happen?
A quick phone call,
and I finally heard the sirens;
the most relieving sound there ever was.
I stood in terror as they strapped you down to the stretcher,
in fear of what you might do.
I watched the van pull away;
it was only the beginning.

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