What day is it?

“Yo Doc, they got some people in the back need a drink, i’ll watch the till for ya.”
The bartender went to the back after thinking to himself, “They could walk there stupid ass up here and get, who does he think he is.”
Doc saw Simone the drag queen on the patio outside.
“Hey they got some Halloween mugs out front looking for ya’ll.”
“i know shut up you stupid jew.”
“Don’t call me stupid, but i am a jew.”
“Well i guess you can’t help that.” Replied the Giantess.
“Hey once you’ve had a jew nothing else will do.” The barkeep spit.
“Ok promote yourself later, are they gone yet?”
“Oh shit i forgot.” replied the smart ass bartender.
“What did you forget?”
“I forgot it was my day to watch creepy halloween muthafucters for you.”

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