the dream: part 43 another dream

that night, i was watching tv, and dosed off into sleep.
i was in the same place, the forrest of the first time i saw Carter in my mind.
“Mandy.” he said smiling at me.
i ran to his embrace, “carter!”
“i miss you, i wish i could be there with you.” he said with sincerity.
“i miss you too.” i said, as my chest got heavy and my eyes wattered.
“please tell me youre okay.”
“im alright.”
“thats good, well i have to go, ill see you soon, i love you.” and before i could respond, he ewas gone, just like that, he disappeared and i was awake.

i was puzzled, was it really him, could it be really him talking? or was my mind just wishing he would come back and say those things?

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