Archie plays poker(Doc18)

Archie’s arm, saying, “We should head back to the train.”
The big man, engaged in conversation with Archie, said “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. You’ll be here for a couple hours anyway.”
“Say,” he continued to Archie, “you by any chance play poker?”
“I do, sir,” Archie said, “Ouch!,” he glared are Kate for pinching his arm.
The big guy took Arnie by the arm and guided him through people arguing, drinking, and singing. Over the racket of the room, he said. “My name’s Arnold Guessor.”
“I’m honored, sir, “Archie said.
Kate followed in their wake like a caboose.
There were already four people seated at the table. Introductions were made all around. Kate was introducted as Archie’s lady friend.
Archie and Arnold took seats across from one another. Kate stood behind Archie’s right shoulder.
“Studs the game,” said the dealer around a five cent cigar.
The game was lively, and Archie was having a string of good luck.
A player to Archie’s left spoke up, “Are you by any chance the same

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