A hard day's work

This pointless little building is what I think when I see it. I look over to John and can’t help but say “What brings us here?”. John stares at me, smiles a sad, sad smile and simply says: “Work”. So I stare back, and up, and this towering metal beast. The one that will be my prison for another 10, maybe 12 hours. I just keep staring, neverminding my coworkers, coworkers which are only so in name, but don’t actually contribute anything to me, they just take up space. When I first started, I had dreams, dreams of ascending. But as I soon found out, you have to be willing to backstab those closest to you, to get to The Top. And so, thinking of that, I stare back at this beast, smile a TRUE smile and look back at John. “Lets go in already” I say. John stares at me, like I’ve gone crazy. I just smile back, thinking that no matter what, at least I haven’t allowed myself to be corrupted, and that I have her to go back to every day or night.

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