A Typical Morning Commute [Action Challenge]

Petunia slowly sipped her ritual morning mug of steaming coffee, taking care not to burn her tongue.

A sudden earth-shaking KABLOOMA ! made her jump, and the action spilled coffee everywhere.

“CRAP!” she yelled, as she watched the typical morning tanks drive by, keeping order in the city, “I always forget that they’re coming!”

She sighed, and got ready for work.

As she walked out the door, she smiled at the sight of a rare city rainbow while she ran through the typical gunfight outside her home, jaywalked through a street race, raced down a mineshaft in a runaway mining cart while being chased by a bunch of turbaned gunners, and tackled an armed robber stealing an elderly woman’s purse.

Soon after, Petunia dropped by her favorite muffin vendor, pulling her gun out of her shoes (just in case) as she payed for her blueberry treat.

As she side-stepped a brutal fight on the street involving two hefty 9-iron clubs, Petunia sighed in relief at the sight of the bank.

She hated commuting.

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