The Return

The first employees started to arrive at their usual time. They started arriving around 6:30 am. Only a handful showed up prior to 7:00 am. Morning rituals were done. The greetings, catching up on what happened over the weekend, checking e-mails, web sites, etc.

Nothing out of the ordinary was expected, until the e-mail was sent. The president requested all employees to be in the conference room at 8:30 am. The rumor mill started again.

The past few months speculation had started about business troubles, no raised, and other different rumors. Management had said they were false, but all the closed door meetings did not help. This one e-mail had started all of them again.

All the employees arrived in the conference room. The president walked in and greeted everyone. “We all know about the rumors that have been going around but what is happening with the company. Today’s announcement should end those rumors. We are proud to announce the return of Tom Jackson to head software development again.”

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