Layover in coffee heaven

An airport romance story. That is so impossible. To actually meet your “soulmate” while you’re stuck because the plane that was your connection didnt…connect. That’s the scene I’m in now, just watching and waiting. They say it might come earlier than the expected delay time. And so I’m sitting here, at a Starbucks. You gotta wonder sometimes, how they get people to consume so much coffee. And how they expect you to order when there are such horrible employees. Like that Warren guy. He just sits there, reading his classic novels. Classic novels arent gonna get you outta Starbucks Warren, a degree in something useful will. I can’t believe he just keeps staring at me. You gave me my coffee already. Coffee, the sweet nectar of the Gods. I dont know what I’d do without my daily cup of Joe. Wait a minute…is he walking over here?! Oh my God He is. I’ve barely started drinking my coffee, and I’m the only one in this corner, he is clearly coming for me. What is he thinking? That he can hook up with me?

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