A Cat's Memoir

Today I joined this wonderful site called ficlets. I was quite pleased when I realized that I would be able to accomplish my dream of writing despite the fact that I am of the feline species.
It is much easier to type rather than steal Mark’s pens and notebooks. Like me, Mark loves to write, and like me, he likes to keep it a secret. Mark is apart of the family I belong to. There’s also Mom, Dad, Rachel, Toby, and Demetri…but I’ll talk about them later.
I never used to be a “house cat”. I lived the first few years of my life out in the streets which was fun for a while, but I’m pleased to say that I’m perfectly happy now in my home. Who doesn’t enjoy free food!? Plus, I am allowed to go outside whenever I wish.
Unfortunately I’m only going to be able to write when the family’s not looking. I can only imagine how I’d look if they saw their beloved cat typing away on the computer. Nevertheless, I can tell that I am going to really enjoy this experience.

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