Rain on Your Parade (AFC)

I couldn’t believe it: a gun’s cold iron was pressed against my sweaty palm. As I raised towards the SWAT guy my hand trembled from shock & fear. Or was that the three cups of coffee I had this morning?
No matter. I was shaking.
“You better not get any closer,” I squeaked.
“Or what? You gonna shoot?” the SWAT man joked. “Seriously, I think you’d do more damage if you chucked that shoe at me. Think you’d have better aim too.” He laughed at his joke & my pathetic nerve.
I couldn’t stand it anymore. I squeezed the trigger, the SWAT man hit the floor in shock, & a shower of plaster and plywood revealed a huge hole in the wall. My grouchy neighbor, covered in dust, rose from his chair & groped for his hunting rifle.
“So ya think you can have all the fun, make all the sunshine. Allow me to rain on your parade!” he growled, spraying the back wall to look like Swiss cheese.
No one said today would be filled with this much action. I felt like a wet cat.
Then again, I thought I spotted a rainbow in this storm.

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