The arches form my memories of you

Only the arches remain. How I remember it before these times. Before the land was ravaged. When it was safe to go outside. Before the war. How I cherish those memories, of the times spent staring at the arches, and the castle that seemed to be built around those arches. In that small yet awe-inspiring castle, were we… Now all that remains are the memories, because you are gone. All that remains are the memories, and those arches.

For as long as those arches stand, so shall I. The arches may one day crumble, and so may I, but as long as the memory of you lives in me, I will not falter, I will not give up. They may take away my money, my house, my work, even you. But I have fought to preserve that which reminds me of you. By their own laws, laws of evil men, I am a terrorist. But I have fought to preserve the memories, those arches, and your legacy. And it is he that I shall protect, and someday rebuild what was around those arches and tell him of you, his mother.

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