Sarah moaned and tried to open her eyes, but something sticky was keeping them shut. She felt strange, sort of light, and floaty. The voice persisted.
“Not here.” She thought.
“I’m not here.”
“Mmmph” she groaned again.
She looked around the room through the glowing peachy vail of her eyelids. Searching for…something. She couldn’t quite focus on what it was she was looking for.
Uhhhg, her wrist felt raw and itchy. She wished she could scratch it somehow, but, for some reason, she just couldn’t reach it.
“Sarah?” She heard a voice say from a million miles away.
“No,” she thought, “Sarah’s not here.”
“Mmph.” She answered the voice matter of factly.
“SARAH!” the panicked voice was suddenly right next to her.
Warm, fuzzy, floaty feeling. So sleepy and peaceful. The pale pink glow through her eyelids fading to a warm amber sunset. Her mind smiled and embraced the calm of being away from her body. Floating again, she ignored the voice.
“Mmph.” was her only response.

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