I Want To Be Seen

“Why did you do it, though? We could have talked everything out…” Brad groaned, dragging his fingers over his temples in circular motions.

“Talked everything out? With that woman?” Melissa scoffed. “Honey, it’s better that I got rid of her.”

Words could not describe Harper’s fury. She wanted nothing more than to materialize and hurl something at Melissa’s head.

She didn’t know what the feeling was – it was something she’d never experienced before.

But she knew that it was unfair – horribly cruel and unfair – that her life could be snatched away within a few hours.

Harper walked over to the bureau, where Melissa was now standing over the seated Brad, slowly trying to unclench his tense shoulders.

She stood behind them, looking herself in the mirror – a pallor had come over her face; something she guessed came along with death.

Her hair looked darker than ever, and her eyes were deeply set in her face – she looked like a person who had lost a lot of sleep.

As she leaned forward, Brad yelped.

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