Sangsue- part 26

years later

I swear, if anything will make you crazy, it’s this asylum. I had too many scars to count on my back now, along with scars from the rest of the “sessions”. After this more recent “session”, which consisted of more mental pain than physical, I took the picture out from under my bed and looked at it again. It was now greatly faded from these years, but thanks to it I still remembered that time like it was yesterday.
Today was the day, I could tell. There were cameras and guards lining each entrance/exit, but i knew when the guards went on their lunch break. My clock in my room went off and I smiled: it was lunch break. Now our doors could only open when we were needed, but I knew how to pick a lock. and even though this was more electronic, I got the door unlocked with no problem. I peeked out and looked down and up the hallway, not finding any straggling guards. Then I ran. I ran straight out the front door to freedom. I breathed in the fresh air of outside. And I started running far away.

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