There's Nothing Scarier Than A Giant-City-Destroying Ditzie (Action Challenge)

“Watch out for that truck!”
I quickly swerved the car, nearly tipping it on it’s side. My partner cried, “Aww MAN !”
“What!? What is it!?”
“I spilled my coffee!”
Outraged, I yelled, “This is no time to cry over lost beverages! The monster’s destroying the city!”
The giant Ditz Monster stepped in front of us; we skidded to a halt. She shrieked and picked up a large chunk of iron and steel and threw it at us. We quickly rolled out of the way as it hit our car. BOOM !
Several tanks and aircraft surrounded the Ditz shooting at it, but nothing was working.
That’s when I spotted it. I ran across the street and into the Payless store. Seconds later, I ran out with a rainbow colored box in my hand, set it by her feet, then quickly backed away. She picked it up and peeked inside.
“SHOES!” she shrieked. And then, she quickly ran off away from the city.
“Well I’ve had enough action for one day,” my partner said.
“At least for now,” I replied. “I can only imagine how she’ll react when she discovers they’re only a size 6.”

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