The Kiss

She looks down as he approaches. She isn’t allowed to look at Him directly without His permission and the penalties are severe. Her collar weighs her head down even more. The collar is beginning to wear her down, little by little, with every movement of her neck. She dare not complain but a little whimper still escapes. He notices that and smiles, His slave is coming along nicely.

He looks at her, admiringly and lovingly. Her brown hair is pulled to reveal that beautiful, slightly tear stained face. She is looking down determinedly, her collar weighing down on those beautiful, flawless shoulders.

He grabs her hair uses it to bring her face up to him. Her eyes look at him, rife with expectation. He smiles again, His beautiful slave still wants more pain and more pleasure, and He would inflict both. He takes her lower lip into His mouth and bites hard, not enough to make it bleed but enough to make it hurt. Then He gently kisses her. The pain and the pleasure. It is always the way with Him and his slave.

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