400 Ficlets! The Muse Challenge...

Well…yeah, judging by the title, I suppose you know what this is. ^^; I just finished my ‘Infamous Beginning’ Challenge, but I when I logged in I discovered I had written more than 400 Ficlets.


Now that that’s been ousted, I’d like to give you an idea for the challenge.

The Main Point of the Challenge (Beware : longer than usual).

Every writer has his/her moments of despair where you want to crush something because you’ve been infected with the dreaded writer’s block.

And then, like a ray of sunlight in the gloom – a muse! And so, you start writing again like a whirlwind.

Now, I’d like you to tell us what it’d be like if the writer could have a conversation with his/her muse.

Who knows what goes through the muses’ minds.

Would Melpomene ever get tired of horrific tragedies? Would Euterpe ever get tired of listening to rhyming lyrics?

Well, it’s up to you to find out.

I hope you have fun!

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