The End

The little silver robot buzzed quizically outside Paul’s bunker. Paul started to feel bad for it but then reminded himself that that little sphere of metal had killed 6 of his buddies.

Paul looked out from the safety of his bunker and observed the robot trawling across the empty ash covered ground. All the ashes were from those goddamn nukes the Russians sent over. Then they sent missles with little robots in them like the one outside. Those were worse.

The robots could seek out a human from miles away. If you didnt have an identifying band on your arm, you were toast. They didnt even need soldiers after they came up with those little buggers. The only thing you could do was seal yourself inside your bunker and hope.

Paul spun around at a noise in the back of the bunker caught his attention. There it was, a small metal sphere in the back of his bunker. They had gotten in.

Paul reached for his pistol but the robot jumped on him and all he could do was scream. More robots swarmed in at the sound.

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