I Loved her [Sweetest Story Challenge]

I loved her.

Everything about her.

Her black, short hair.

Her ever-changing golden forest eyes.

Her small, red lips, perfectly formed.

Her blushing cheeks, powdered by God.

Her smooth, ivory skin.

The way she smiled under the moonlight.

The special moments we shared, together.

Her wild imagination, never slowing down.

Her laughter, permeating every corner of the room.

There wasn’t a single thing I didn’t love about her.

Not one.

Every feature was divine.

Every flaw had it’s beautiful purpose.

She was mine, and mine alone.

Now, as the sunlight touches her face for the last time, every beam seems precious.

Every shadow that crosses her cold face.

I slowly kiss her closed eyes, and then her colorless cheeks, and lastly her perfect lips.

As my tears drop on to her still body, I close the coffin.

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