Paranormal 101

“Well…what are my powers?”

“Ghost’s magical abilities usually consist of a form of molecular manipulation – making themselves solid, or moving objects with their mind – telekinesis.”

“You sound like you’re reciting a textbook,” Harper said, her expression unmoving.

“Maybe I am,” Dorian answered, his jade irises sparkling thoughtfully. “But right now, unfortunately, I might have to mentor you.”

“Unfortunately?! Bub, can you hear yourself? You are talking to the ghost of a very reputable singer,” Harper snapped, her anger coming back in a vengeful flurry.

“Like I said earlier: I couldn’t care less. We just have to get this over with.”

“You’re stuck with me for a year,” Harper reminded him, “so how are you going to cope?”

“I’ll be awaiting your failure.”

Harper gasped, her mouth ajar. “My failure? Don’t you have a heart?”

“Oh, that hurt – I’m actually feeling something! Nah, it was just disgust from staring at you.”

“Unfeeling bum,” Harper glowered.

Why is he so negative? Geez.

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