The Big Rock (WWIII Challenge)

Lazlo switched on the radio. I’m reporting live on a hill overlooking the rubble that was once Atlantic City, the voice crackled in the dark room, at the center, crews are telling us there is a giant rock, larger than any we’ve seen. Surviving eyewitnesses claim that once the rock entered the atmosphere it began glowing. Astronomists last night confirmed this phenomina’s occurrence, but have no explanation.
Chemists & geologists have ventured to get a sample of the rock, but are as baffled as the citizens-
Wait! The rock is opening! Light is… is coming out of it! Flashes of light! The reporter was in hysterics at this point. The giant rock is fully opened, light spilling from it! I… I can’t believe it! Shapes are coming out, they’re… looking around! Oh my dear Lord, they’re coming out! They’re turning towards a TV crew, and… Oh God! They’ve vaporized them! Oh Lord save us! They’re turning towards our crew! I can’t believe-
The line went dead.
Lazlo began to tremble.

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