The Crying Angel

It had been brutal, So many hurled down through the clouds. So many that had decided to stand on the wrong side. She remembered trying to reason with them, but they were no longer light, they were dark spirits, part of the Dragons family.

She looked down at her hands. They were covered with burns, it didn’t hurt afterall, the burns were from the powers she possessed. She guessed it was better than being stained with blood, [they didn’t bleed].

This had been coming for a time, they all knew and expected it. They were told that there was to be no mercy shown, there had never been mercy shown to them.

She breathed in the pungent smell of sulpher, the sweet but sorrowful smell of victory. Only sorrowful because it was not good to kill. This had been necessary, required, this had fulfilled the prophecy.

She retracted her wings and sat on the rim of the precipice between heaven and earth. They had fallen earlier and already there was chaos. Her tears fell to the Earth into the sea.

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