Deductive Results: The Prequel

“Well my friend,” Watt began, pacing furiously around our small apartment, “we have quite the predicament on our hands.”
“Eleven suspects, each as likely to have done it as the other,” I mused.
“Quite the contrary.”
“Wattson!” I cried. “You’ve got it already?”
“You know me well. Of course I do.”
“Well, who then?”
“I’ll reveal my answer at the meeting with our friends.”
“But what do you see in this that I do not?” I asked. “Besides ‘many things’...”
“Again,” Watt sighed, “I’ll explain to you at the meeting.”
“But what if no one shows up? What if no one saw the advertisement?” I protested.
Watt gave me a sideways smile. “If these people have conscience, they’ll show.”
To Be Continued…

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