Stories From the Surveillance Camera (Part 1: Elevator)

The doors open ~ ding! WOOSH ! One lone man steps inside very business-like. He wears a clean, grey suit with a striped tie, a briefcase in his left hand. It is the first floor.

Man presses button #21 ~ ding! WOOSH ! Doors close, elevator begins it’s journey. The classic elevator tunes are playing softly. He adjusts his tie, looks around, drops briefcase.

Suddenly man begins to sway and snap to the beat of the elevator music. He quickly shifts to the right…back to the left… spins. Man is dancing! A little off key and too enthusiastically for the tempo. Jumping, kicking, spinning, bobbing his head all around. He’s a maniac! Man picks up briefcase, uses it as a prop.

Man drops the case, papers fly everywhere, man falls down on bottom in surprise. THUMP ! surveillance

ding! WOOSH ! Doors open, man looks up. Several people are staring in. Embarrassed man scrambles to pick up papers, then shuffles out the door. People walk into elevator snickering. Doors close ~ ding! WOOSH !

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