Paying the price of the Ficlet obsession

“Comrade Lu Chien, you are accused of a new offense called ‘ficleting’ and of consuming too much broadband at the expense of the people,” the prosecutor of the People’s Court hoarsely cried..

Lu Chien shrunk lower between the two People’s Guards standing on either side of him.

“Moreover, you are accused of refusing to disconnect from your computer when ordered by the anti-ficleting monitoring authority of the People’s Court and of resisting anti-ficleting police when they arrived at your desk to arrest you,” the prosecutor, now fortified by a mighty gulp of people’s energy drink, boomed.

Lu Chien sweated and looked at the toes of his shoes.

“Moreover, your continuous publication of bankrupt ‘ficlets,’ identified as ‘sequels’ by the capitalist imperialist controllers of the anti-people Ficlet service, has caused damage to the People’s Republic and mental anguish to the millions of law-abiding citizens on-line,” the prosecutor barked.

Wait until I get out of this… and begin the Prosecution mini series.

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