When You Play With Fire, Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt

Kira’s cheering was short lived though, as Marduke turned and he was able to view the carnage below.

He spotted Rothgar first, a whirling tower slashing at heads and shoulders, hoping to connect with a neck and sever it.

Perceval and the knights held a strong line, allowing the archers plenty of room to fire volleys of arrows into the enemy. Men fell everywhere.

Olgoth and the two helmeted warriors he had questioned Kira about earlier were dodging and parrying blows back to back like a three headed, spinning Cerberus.

Suddenly the slightest warrior took a blow to the leg. Kira’s leg also suddenly and sharply pained him. He cried out, causing Marduke to inquire.

The moment she turned to look at Kira, he took a stray arrow to the shoulder. He barely felt it, but the slight warrior below screamed and crumbled to the ground.

Olgoth and the bigger warrior finished off their opponents with fervor, and knelt and picked up the little one, dragging him off the field.

Marduke stared.

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