A Secret Revealed

Marduke whisked Kira high. He was groaning in pain. His leg hurt almost more than his shoulder. He looked at the arrow sticking out in confusion. He look at his perfectly normal leg in surprise.

“Mardy! I don’t know what’s wrong! My leg hurts, but nothing is wrong with it!”

“I know what’s wrong Kira.” Mardy took the time to light the last wall of the fortress on fire, since she hated to leave a job unfinished, then dodging fewer arrows than before with the army inside the fortress fleeing for their lives, she flew Kira to the medical tent at camp.

Meanwhile Olgoth had pulled the wounded warrior behind the lines of their peasant forces and talking calmly said, “I’m going to try to stop the bleeding, can you breathe? Let me remove your helmet.”

The warrior didn’t have time to protest, and Olgoth pulled off the helmet to reveal.. “Katra!”

“My shoulder, it hurts!” She whined. Olgoth looked, but could see nothing. “It’s your leg that needs attending to.”
“Do as he says!” The other warrior commanded.

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