Deductive Results: Runners-Up Revealed

“I’m so pleased you could all make it,” Watt began in an orderly fashion. She gave one of her examining glances to each of the suspects at the table, who trembled under said glance. “You, Mr Wyatt Aapr, brought to light that infamous tree-assisted suicide. Well done.” Aapr breathed a sigh of relief.
“Is that it?” a woman cried, standing up. “You’re congradulating him?”
“Ah, but Mistress Elsha,” Watt explained soothingly, “remember you cleared up that dreadful icicle accident.”
“Miss Rose, Jamie, isn’t it? You were caught up in that cheating case, were you not?”
“I only reported it!” she cried.
“I never said what part you played. You wove the tail quite well.” Watt gave her a reassuring grin.
“Now, I can also tell you all Orange Oreos revealed that roofing accident, Laine P Grey shed light on that butler, but I must say four in particular stood out from the crowd.”

Watt had one of those smirks again.
To be continued… again…

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