Mark checks the Motels

Mark understood that the loud whisper was for Davids parents benefit. He hated running the place and wanted them to sell.
“Thanks David. Let me know it anyone like that checks in.”
David said, “You gotter sheriff.”

Mark left the motel retracing his steps. The other motels were at the south end of town, one east of main street, the others west.
The motel on the east side of town had their ‘no vacancy’ sign on, still, Mark checked the cars parked in front of each room. Two of rooms had no cars in front. Mark circled around behind the motel. One of the rooms was three doors down from the office. It’s back window was open. Mark peered into the window and saw a large pair of women’s panties draped over the shower curtain rod. Scratch that room, he thought. He moved on to the other empty room. There was no light coming from that room. Mark put his face against the window, and as he did so the front door opened and a child about 4 years old ran into the room.

Mark stepped back into the shadows.

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